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O  U  R   P  H  I  L  O  S  O  P  H  Y


Faye is known for her powerhouse ability to redefine the combination of her signature technique with a non-invasive technology approach to enhance the whole being of beauty.

The center of Faye's heart is purely dedicated to celebrate and enhance all women and men, every age and ethnicity.

Faye's main focus of her passion is to bring out the true beauty, the happiness within. We all deserve to have beautiful skin, body, brows, lips and we are here to help you rediscover it. 


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M  E  E  T   F  A  Y  E

Hi, My name is Faye

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with beauty.  With a chance of a lifetime experience working onboard 5 Star Cruise Line,  traveling all over the world was the biggest turning point when I became fascinated about beauty.  From different continents we have visited, the different types of skin of each nationality, the facial and body structure and its condition fascinates me of how we are all so different yet so beautiful. 


I was working in the Financial Department onboard and I had thought that this was my ultimate career goal until I came here to the US. I have always been grateful for this amazing experience and it became so clear to me that I belonged to the Aesthetics industry when I slowly resolved my skin condition that I acquired when I was still working onboard. Then I realized that the beauty industry excites me more than the financial department.  All I felt was just pure excitement and eagerness to be a Skin Specialist. There it unfolded, all of my creativity not just treating skin conditions but also enhancing beauty through art. 


Here at Faye Aesthetics, Inc. we build true relationships with our clients.

We are so blessed with how we make our clients happy and we are so humble to their endless referrals. We are your partner in resolving your facial and body condition, and enhancing your true beauty inside out.


With over 8 years of experience in the industry. I am still to this day fascinated with beauty and the art of enhancing it. I am blessed to be able to have a career that I love, be able to spread my art to the world and ultimately the happiness we bring to you.

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